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We are specialized in the classical Chinese board game of Mahjong for four players. This game is also known as Mah-Jong, Majong, Majongg, Mahjong, Mahjongg, Ma-Jung, Majung, Ma-Chiao, Ma Cheuk.

Players who don't look for the traditional board game of Mahjong, but for the solitaire game (pairwise reduction of a pyramid of tiles) please select a suitable link in the right column. →

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We offer a large assortment of high-quality, genuine Chinese Mahjong sets.

Low prices and shipping costs, several safe and convenient payment methods as well as short delivery time make buying at mah-jong-shop.com a pleasant experience.

Here you'll find first-class, exclusive rarities as well, that you won't be able to buy anywhere else in Europe.

Further on we offer essential and helpful Mahjong accessories, e.g. playing tables, racks, counting sticks, Mahjong jewelry, table covers, wooden and aluminium cases, coffe table books and more.

Mahjong overview

Mahjong is intrinsically tied to the Asian, especially Chinese everyday culture. The Chinese is rumoured to whatever they are up to, it volatilises the minute they hear something about Mahjong - then they hurry to sit down and play...

The basic rules of Mahjong are quite simple to understand; they resemble the rules of the card game of Rummy, but offer distinctly more and deeper playing possibilities.

Advanced players can learn very intricate rules and prove their playing abilities at International tournaments.

Here you'll find beginner's information about history, basic rules, goal, game course, tile production and more.

We're sorry that this information is currently available in German language only, but we're working on it.

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